Autumn in Northern Indiana


Early Autumn Sunset

Early Autumn Sunset: October, 2018

Dune Ridge Trail in October

Dune Ridge Trail: October, 2018

Trailhead in Autumn: October, 2018

Opening of October

Ravine Trail Stairs at Start of October: October, 2018

October Sunlight Through Swamp Forest

October Sunlight Through Swamp Forest: October, 2018

Trail Bridge Over Dry Creek: October, 2018

River Reflection in Fall: October, 2018

Late Lakeshore Waves

Late Lakeshore Waves: October, 2017

Trail Nine Through Woods

Trail Nine Through Woods: October, 2017

Late Light in Early October

Late Light in Early October: October, 2017

Trail in Early Autumn

Little Calumet River Trail in Early Autumn: October, 2017

Flood Level

Flood Level: October, 2017

Trail Bridge in Autumn

Trail Bridge in Autumn: October, 2017

Pond in Late October

Pond in Late October: October, 2017

Dark Forest Trail

Dark Forest Trail: October, 2017

Lake Waves Seen Beneath Autumn Leaves

Lake Waves Seen Beneath Autumn Leaves: October, 2017



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