Sunset Beside Chicago Skyline


Sailing Under a Sunset Sky: September, 2019

Marram Grass Among Foredunes: September, 2019

Sunset Through Shoreline Trees: September, 2019

Washed Away Beach: September, 2019

Sunset After September Thunderstorm: September, 2019

Lake Viewed Through a Few Dune Trees at Start of September: September, 2019

End of Summer at Indiana Dunes State Park: September, 2019

Dune Hills Near Trail Nine: September, 2019

Sunset pano

Vivid Sunset: September, 2018

Path Toward Shore at Start of Autumn: September, 2018

Last Sunset of Summer

Last Sunset of Summer: September, 2018

Dune Trail Toward Shore

Dune Trail Toward Shore: September, 2018

Trail from Mt Tom to Beach

Trail from Mt. Tom to Beach: September, 2018

Waves Wash Away Central Beach

Waves Wash Away Central Beach: September, 2017

Mt. Baldy Beach at Beginning of September

Mt. Baldy Beach at Beginning of September: September, 2017

Mt Baldy Beach on Labor Day Weekend

Mt. Baldy Beach on Labor Day Weekend: September, 2017

September Surf

September Surf: September, 2017

Driftwood at Mt Baldy Beach

Driftwood at Mt. Baldy Beach: September, 2017

Lake Waves Toward Sunset

Lake Waves Toward Sunset in Early September: September, 2017

Abandoned Beach

Abandoned Beach: September, 2017

Late Lakeshore Waves

Late Lakeshore Waves: September, 2017

Dune Oasis

Dune Oasis: September, 2017

Drifting Clouds

Drifting Clouds: September, 2017

East of Beach House Blowout

East of Beach House Blowout: September, 2017

Rip Currents

Rip Currents: September, 2017


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