Beach Trees in Winter


Warm Start to the New Year: January, 2020

Beach Trail Beside Broken Tree: January, 2020

Respecting Resilience: January, 2020

Marsh Pond on Warmer Winter Day: January, 2020

Southern Storm Clouds Start to Arrive: January, 2020

Dunes Trail in Winter: January, 2020

Lake View Following Freeze

Lake View Following Freeze: January, 2019

Beach Tree Beside Frozen Lake

Beach Tree Beside Frozen Lake: January, 2019

River Trail Bridge in Winter

River Trail Bridge in Winter: January, 2019

Path Through Foredunes to Frozen Lake

Path Through Foredunes to Frozen Lake: January, 2019

Icy Horizon: January, 2019

Dudley Beachfront After Overnight Snow

Dudley Beachfront After Overnight Snow: January, 2019

River Trail After Clearing Skies

River Trail After Clearing Skies: January, 2019

Month into Winter

Trail to Beach After Morning Snowfall: January, 2019

Lake Waves Before Approaching Storm

Lake Waves Before Approaching Storm: January, 2019

Trail Seven Toward Shore

Traveling Trail Seven Toward Shore: January, 2019

Path to Lake in Winter

Path to Lake in Winter: January, 2019

Shelf Ice at Lake Michigan

Trail of Footprints on Shelf Ice at Lake Michigan: January, 2018

Pair of Trees at Shore Line with Shelf Ice: January, 2018

Florida Tropical House in Mid-Winter: January, 2018

Shelf Ice at Beverly Shores

Shelf Ice at Beverly Shores: January, 2018

Beach Trees and Shelf Ice in Winter Light

Beach Trees and Shelf Ice in Winter Light: January, 2018

River View on New Year's Day

River View on New Year’s Day: January, 2017

Morning at Marsh After Overnight Frost

Morning at Marsh After Overnight Frost: January, 2017


Ice Shelf in Early January: January, 2017

Trail 10 on Warm Winter Day

 Trail Ten on Warm Winter Day: January, 2017

Marsh Trail Bridge in Winter Thaw

Marsh Trail Bridge in Winter Thaw: January, 2017

Fallen Tree

Fresh Fallen Tree: January, 2017

Marsh in Winter Sunshine

Marsh in Winter Sunshine: January, 2017

After Snow Melt

After Snow Melt: January, 2017


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