Abstract Photo Art


Indiana Dunes white


During the past few years various images of mine specifically examine the way shapes of light and color interact in the natural setting of lakeshore scenery. I acknowledge painter Mark Rothko as a prime influence whose artwork I relied upon for imagining those photographs. Although, I am aware of a certain amount of irony, since Rothko expressed a strong dislike of nature and being categorized as “an abstract landscapist.” Most of my photography documenting settings in the Indiana Dunes appears in the horizontal perspective I favor for landscape. However, over time I have gathered a number of strictly vertical shots taken in a portrait mode clearly to be considered as separate from my usual content and more like the format preferred by Rothko for his color field paintings, what I describe as blurred blocks of concentrated color floating across a canvas. Consequently, I have decided to exhibit the following gallery of similar images in different degrees of abstraction I have collected. Please click on the photos below to view a larger display and to scroll through all of them.