Indiana Dunes white


Photographers frequently mention the fleeting nature of light in capturing landscape imagery, particularly the mutability of hues throughout hours in a day. Much attention is devoted to the golden hours of vivid color around sunrise and sunset, or perhaps to the blue hour of twilight during dawn or dusk. However, the transition in illumination of scenery can occur at any time, influenced by changing cloud cover, the shifting intensity of sunshine or shade as a day progresses, or the sharpening angle of luminosity caused by the sun’s seasonal drift in the sky.

Artists have always been keenly interested in depicting the metamorphosis of natural settings under differing daily atmospheric conditions. For instance, Monet created repetitive sequences of paintings depicting diverse perspectives of particular locations and objects in various seasonal situations influenced by modifications in weather that might demonstrate alterations in mood or tone, maybe his Haystacks series is most notable.


Lake Michigan Triptych I

Lake Michigan Triptych II

 Lake Michigan Triptych III

 Lake Michigan Triptych IV

 Beach Sunset Triptych I

 Beach Sunset Triptych II

 Beach Trees in Winter I

 Beach Trees in Winter II

Frozen Lake Michigan