Indiana Dunes white


For those unable to attend in person a gallery presentation of my photographs, the following offers a sampling of photos one might observe in an exhibition of my images.

I abide by Ansel Adams’ stated belief that his landscape photographs are artistic images: “You don’t take a photograph, you make it.” Also, like Frank Dudley, “the Painter of the Dunes,” I view the Indiana Dunes setting as an inspiration, natural scenery within which I find an opportunity to evoke emotions in observers and elicit admiration for its aesthetic value.

Normally, my photos are accompanied by a narrative chronicle, as in the journal entries or stories encountered elsewhere, offering verbal context and commentary to the visual element. However, images in my gallery exhibitions, stripped of those complementary words usually supplied as aids in understanding, are intended to be seen either as solitary pieces, each witnessed for its own merit, or perhaps as a displayed series, a sequence of impressions creating a cumulative visual stimulus to be individually interpreted by every visitor.

This showcase is best experienced in the carousel format that permits observers to move forward at their own pace as if walking in a museum room and pausing for examination of the artworks or turning to travel backward for further review of a previously seen piece.

Therefore, please click on the photos below to view a larger display and to scroll through all of them.